The Web Design Process Start To Finish


I’ve always found it interesting reading the design process of others (David Airey,Contrast, Brian Hoff). It’s good to have an insight into others work, to see if I can learn anything from their process but also for curiosity. So I’ve put together a break down of my design process, using …

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7 Deadly Misconceptions About Web Design Every Client Needs To Know


All beginner web designers are visionaries, idealists of their time, but at some point everyone encounters clients who turn them into cynics. This is when one learns that most clients are certain of what they want and that there are certain things that they may not fully understand. Are you …

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The Worst Things You Can Say To A Web Designer


For many small business owners, their business is sort of like their baby. They gave birth to it. They helped it grow. They want to protect it, watch over it, and in some cases, control it. So, it’s easy to understand why many small business owners feel a little nervous …

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10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2016


Design trends often span several years (even decades for some types of design), but Web design is a quickly moving and changing industry where trends come and go quite often. We’re still working with some of those trends now: responsive web design, flat design, performance and speed, and perfecting the …

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3 Simple Ways Ecommerce Startups Can Gain More Customers


We all know that marketing takes time and dedication, especially for ecommerce sites. Site visits don’t appear overnight, and social-media followers don’t come out of nowhere. But with careful planning and routines, you can build a strong brand and steadily increase your customer base. I’ve read tips, tricks and everything …

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101 Simple Tips To Increase Website Traffic


Most online businesses dream of having a highly popular blog. It’s good for your brand and ultimately serves to drive wave after wave of potential customers your way. However, dreaming about it won’t get you there — taking action is the key. Contrary to seemingly popular belief, there is no …

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How Visitors Assess Your Website’s Credibility


New visitors to the website of a small business look for one thing in particular when they’re looking at the website for the first timet. This thing is so important, in fact, that if it’s not there, all hopes for getting them to participate in some transaction of information with …

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Last Things I Do Before Launching a Website


Launching a website can be a very exciting, yet frantic, time for both my clients and myself. With the end of the project in sight, it’s easy to forget to do some of the basic things that can greatly affect the initial success of the new website. Here is my …

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Color in Web Design: Color Symbolism


Color is an important element web designers need to think about when creating the look of a website. Different colors have different meanings – cultural, instinctual, universal, and more – and can stimulate different people in different ways. Visitors might not notice the impact that using the right colors can …

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Why Colour Matters When You Are Designing Your Website And Logo


If you’re in the process of starting a new business, or rebranding an existing one, the colours you are going to use on your website and logo should be one of the biggest questions you ask yourself. The infographic below from One Lily looks at how colours work together by …

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How Your Company Colours Affect The Performance Of Your Website


Colour can play a major role in influencing a persons decision making process. It’s important that you evoke the appropriate reactions from your website visitors in order for them to feel like they want to become a customer. The infographic below from TechKing shows you how different colours are perceived and …

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