30 Websites That Will Pay You For Things You Already Do

Online Marketing

You may not be interested in investing 40 hours a week into getting rich online, but you can still make money online in this digital age. You don’t have to work a full-time job online to benefit from all of the possible income sources out there. In fact, this is …

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3 Simple Ways Ecommerce Startups Can Gain More Customers


We all know that marketing takes time and dedication, especially for ecommerce sites. Site visits don’t appear overnight, and social-media followers don’t come out of nowhere. But with careful planning and routines, you can build a strong brand and steadily increase your customer base. I’ve read tips, tricks and everything …

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The Google Tool That Helps You Make Better HR Decisions


Data has the power to strengthen everything businesses do, from the new products they launch to the marketing campaigns they use to promote those products. Gathering information and putting that information to use has become big business, creating jobs and cloud solutions. When a business is more informed before making …

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20 Really Cool Google Features You Probably Don’t Know About


Google is more than just a search engine. Yes, you already know Google owns Youtube, and all about Google Glass…but how many of Google’s interesting and underutilized features do you know about? Google has a bunch of extras ranging from useful learning tools to simple fun. Some of the awesome …

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20 Tips To Use Google Search Efficiently


Millions of people use Google search every day for a variety of reasons. Students use it for school, business people use it for research, and millions more use it for entertainment. Did you know that you may not be using Google search to its full potential? Here are 20 tips …

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A first look at Apple Music on Android


Apple usually only brings up Android when it has something bad to say, but the story is a little different when it comes to streaming music. In order to compete in the crowded streaming field — and take on early giants like Spotify — Apple needs to be everywhere that people want …

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FonePaw iOS Transfer: A Tool To Transfer Your Files From iOS Device To Computer Easily


Why does FonePaw iOS Transfer stand out from the crowd? There are two reasons why this product stands out. First, it provides world-class iOS data access, and, second, it is a technology that puts itself on the same level as similar software—namely, iPhone Data Recovery. With the technology, this outstanding invention …

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Learn Coding For Free With These 10 Sites


Programming, or coding, is a vital skill that many people are learning today. With the expansion of technology and the increasing demand of developers, learning to code could prove to be invaluable. Not only is it a highly sought-after skill by companies worldwide, it is also one that you can easily learn …

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15 Awesome Apps That’ll Break You Out of Your “I Only Use the Same 3 Apps” Rut


As of June 2015, there were approximately 1.5 million apps in the iTunes App Store. When you add in Android and desktop apps, that number is even higher. If you’re like me, having so many options actually makes it harder to find the best choices for my lifestyle and needs. …

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7 Tech Tools You Can Definitely Teach Yourself to Use Before the End of the Year


Here’s a fun fact for you: You can never have too many skills. While there are probably a number of skills you should learn for your specific field, there are also a fair amount that are just good to know in general—no matter what industry you’re in. Not only will …

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8 Tips To Prepare Your Business for an Inevitable Cyber Attack


1. Take the threat seriously. We are inundated almost daily by news about criminals hacking and stealing data from movie studios, major retailers, and even our most secure — or perceived as secure — government agencies. While these incidents may lead us to believe that big companies are the targets for …

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7 Cybersecurity Layers Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand


1. Social engineering The first layer is protecting your company from attacks from afar. Hackers have been known to find general information about an individual online — we do, after all, share everything about ourselves on social media — and use this information to manipulate employees of companies, such as banks, …

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Internet Privacy Cheat Sheet


If you’re concerned about internet privacy, especially if you shop, bank and trade online, a few steps for securing and maintaining your personal information can give you peace of mind. And you can reduce spam by using some tricks for sniffing out spammers and getting rid of unwanted e-mails. Steps …

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