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Our Design Process

Let Chat

Here we want to take some time to learn a bit about what it is that you're looking for, your goals, aspirations, ideas, etc. We'll let you know our thoughts and we can bounce things back and forth.

Make A Plan

After our initial discussion(s) about your project, we want to take that information and plan out your project. That includes cost, time frames, and overall goals to make your project a success.

Comp It Out

Once we get the first two steps out of the way, it's time to start designing something that is going to fit your business. This is the fun part. Here we get to put a little bit of your personality into the project.

Let It Live

After all designs are approved, we take the time to develop your project properly according to the appropriate standards. Further, we start any necessary staff training.

Help It Grow

A big misconception is that the launch of the project is the end. It really isn't. After the launch of a project we wait to take a look and see the results. Any result will help with future updates and maintenance. After this step, the process essentially starts over. We'll discuss future updates and ideas, make a plan, and continue the cycle.


iPhone Application Development

iPhone Application Development

Much of the appeal of iPhone in general can just simply be attributed to the qualities it possesses and the advantages it offers to its users. Since the launch of the first model of the iPhone, there has been noted a steep increase in its sales and the number of applications which the customers look for. With the craze for the iPhone applications doubling day-by-day, business owners have now got an opportunity to promote their brand or their services in the most convenient way.

Why Choose Us?

Webxpress Technologies is in the forefront in delivering exactly what the customers may look for when they have a requirement of any iPhone application. With our team's expertise in iPhone technology, our clients can turn their dream about iPhone apps into reality. We focus on all essential and inseparable principles of iPhone-app development which can make your iPhone app look absolutely unique and very innovative.

Our Methodology

We put to use latest iPhone app development methodology. Our approach is totally client-centric. Our dedicated team of expert iPhone app developers lay stress on all aspects such as graphics, coding or programming etc. We take up the requirements from our clients and move on to deliver the best results by application of our unconventional domain knowledge. Our technological understanding of latest SDK, iOS, Mac OS X Framework, Objective C, C++, Xcode, Cocoa and various other programming or coding essentials always lets us surpass the expectations of our clients.

  • Always focus on what you require.

  • Provide services which replicate the qualities you look for.

  • Deliver services well within the stipulated time.
  • Android Application Development

    Andriod Application Development

    Android has now been considered one of the top most platforms for mobile app development. It has gained remarkable popularity across the globe in the field of mobile applications. The key reason behind this popularity is the convenience offered by this platform to design stylish and wonderful utility applications.

    Why us for android application development services?

    Webxpress Technologies is creative in designing and developing applications which any app-user would like. In addition to designing and developing customized Android apps or creating a sole multi-featured app (which can attract masses or which supports any smartphone or mobile device), we work in collaboration to achieve the features the clients may look for.

  • QUALITY - We are renowned for quality app development services.

  • DELIVERANCE – We are known to deliver services as per the timeline of our clients.

  • TECHNOLOGY - We opt to use latest Android app development technology.

  • AFFORDABILITY - We offer services at affordable rates.

  • CUSTIMIZABILITY - We offer highly customized app development services.

  • ANYTIME SUPPORT - We are available 24X7 to provide support services for our clients.

  • WORK 24/7 - We work available for our clients anytime they require us. Geographical barrier doesn't comes our way.

  • VARIOUS OPTIONS OF HIRING - Various options of hiring - We offer various options of hiring our App developers (project-based, hour-based or custom-hire).

  • VARIABILITY - We have experience in developing Apps for various industries. We have worked for various sectors which include Tourism, Business and Finance, Education, Governmental agencies etc.
  • Our Methodology

    We put to use highly advanced business model for seamless accomplishment of the services. We imbibe each and every detail at the beginning and then move on to deliver our services per the requirements for our clients. We believe in creating an impact and providing our clients an app which fully serves their purpose.

    Windows Application Development

    Windows Application Development

    Mobility makes life much simpler. It is really now all the rage in the present globalized world where users of smartphone or trend-setting tablets can't just simply move on with their daily routine without the help of their mobile devices. Windows, introduced by Microsoft, is now considered to be the first choice for many of the smart phone users owing to is intuitive user interface and many other features which are just simply inexplicable.

    Flowing through the wave of excitement, as the Windows mobile apps are just making everyone go crazy.

    Benefits for the customers who look forward to develop their windows app

    Some of the important factors that facilitate Windows Application Development are as follows:

  • EASE OF SIMPLICITY – This platform offers great level of ease or simplicity for the development of incredible mobile apps.

  • LANGUAGE OR CODING - Applications can be developed using many languages such as C, C++, XAML, Visual Basic and many other. It is possible even to create an app with basic programming languages such as HTML4 and 5, CSS, JavaScript etc.

  • PERFORMANCE FEATURES - New Windows 8 OS offers its developers a way out to develop different apps for different versions with all convenience.

  • TESTING – It is easier to test or debug apps
  • Our Methodology

    We adopt "build and upgrade model" when it comes to developing Windows app. We develop your idea from scratch and also ensure timely completion of the project. We develop your Windows app with proper understanding and round-off your project with clear-cut methodologies of app testing or debugging to ensure quality and efficiency in functionality.

    What apps we develop?

    We develop rich and stable apps for your windows app requirements.

    For huge plethora of mobile app versatility, you can rely on us. We have experience of developing apps for any industry you are from such as Travelling, Medicine, Education, IT, Law, Business and Finance, Sport, Entertainment etc.

    PhoneGap Development

    PhoneGap Development

    PhoneGap is now the next mobile app development framework for the business owners who look forward to cost-effective mobile app solutions. This framework allows developers a great deal of options to inculcate innovativeness in the app with no complexity at all.

    Webxpress Technologies has experience in instilling the client's idea into a PhoneGap app and making it a top-rated app in the market. The true essence of our services exists in building income-generating apps with reasonable investment.

    Why PhoneGap Technology?

    PhoneGap App Development is the best option as it can let the customers get their app idea developed with no complexities. It supports development for various operating systems which range from Google Android, to Apple IOS, from Microsoft Windows Phone to RIM Blackberry or Nokia Symbian OS, LG Web OS or Tizen etc.

    Why Choose Us?

  • Collaborate closely to achieve the goal you have in your mind.

  • Support 24 /7 (always by your side for support services anytime you require).

  • Provide solutions instantaneously at any time and with no delay.

  • Well-versed in technology (upgrade our skills through continuous learning).

  • Work as per your project, your requirements.
  • Our Methodology

    Our PhoneGap app developmental process is simple in its execution. Our team works on your idea right after getting inputs or guidelines from you. Our team always focuses more on how better your app-idea can be developed or enhanced by adding elemental beauty in its framework or structure or functionality. Our developers put to use their expertise in PhoneGap technology to the level of proficiency and bring about the kind of app which you are in quest of.

    What apps we develop?

    We develop apps for any industry you belong to. Contact us for wonderful PhoneGap applications if you belong to any industries such as:

  • Entertainment

  • Sports

  • Health and insurance

  • Business and finance

  • Travel and hotel

  • IT field etc.
  • Our PhoneGap developers are professional software app developers who have experience in coding or programming in any language you require.

  • Our team members have artistic proficiency in JavaScript, HTML 5 CSS technology etc.

  • We focus on all your PhoneGap requirements and let you receive the best PhoneGap app.

  • Get your work done from experts in Apache Cordova or other co-related PhoneGap development technologies.
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