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The objective of digital marketing is to increase the reach and sustained online visibility for a business.
Our branding designs includes Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Media, Email Marketing & Automation, Social Marketing and Content Creation.
Just give our digital marketers a buzz and get cracking crafting a campaign that will rocket your brand recall into orbit. The emerging high speed internet has paved a way for a grievous revolution in modern businesses with digital marketing. This is the newest marketing technology which uses a wide range of digital channels such as websites, social media, search engines, emails and clearly mobile phones and apps. The objective of digital marketing is to increase the reach and sustained online visibility for a business. Webxpress Technologies also specializes in Brand Building and Viral Marketing which expands the effectiveness of pull marketing to a great extent. Webxpress Technologies, as a digital marketing company in Lagos offers you digital marketing services based precisely on the nature of your business, making your organization’s presence known in every digital medium and connecting to your target. Webxpress Technologies, as a digital marketing agency in Lagos practice digital marketing objectives like Pull or Push Marketing. Pull Marketing involves content and video sharing through the web search. Webxpress Technologies understands the importance of web search and the sharing of information through blogs and videos. While in Push Marketing, we see that it involves activities like sending out electronic direct mailers, RSS feed promotions, newsletters, etc. At Webxpress, we reach out to the audiences to promote your product or services.
Webxpress uses the following digital marketing certain tools:
  • Banner advertising on internet
  • Blogging
  • Paid promotions through pay per click campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Product centric promotion through micro sites
  • Podcasts/Video Marketing

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